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Hello. We're Firehorse

Firehorse is a luxury accessories brand showcasing exceptional design and craftsmanship. The brand is a celebration of modern artisanal heritage with our collection of limited edition pure silk scarves being designed and hand-made in England. Last year we were delighted to design Official Merchandise for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games during which our luxury silk scarves were graciously received by King Charles and Queen Camilla.


Our signature silk scarf collection offers an authentically luxurious product made of the finest silk, a fabric which has been treasured for centuries for its delicate sheen and sensuous draping quality. Firehorse scarves are hand-made in Macclesfield in the UK which has a silk heritage spanning four centuries. Local limestone infused waters are used to gently wash the silk, enhancing its beautiful lustre. Limited edition designs are then printed onto the fabric before careful finishing by a team of artisans. The edges are softly rolled and finally hundreds of fine stiches are applied by hand to provide the scarves with elegant structure and drape. The company treats each individual Firehorse scarf as a true work of art, working closely with its designers and full creative team to ensure each product is perfect for both today and the future. Regarded both as a modern day accessory and an heirloom to be passed lovingly from generation to generation, Firehorse scarves are truly exquisite investment pieces.


Building on the success of our silk scarf collection, we now offer a range of luxury accessories, all of which are very popular for corporate and personal gifting given their quality and fusion of contemporary design and classic chic.


Our Commitment to Sustainability
Firehorse is proud to be a sustainable and ethical brand that contributes towards the move away from fast fashion. Our scarves are made to last a lifetime and beyond, exemplifying best practice in sustainable ‘slow fashion’. We use a number of techniques and have made a number of decisions that mean that our customers can be proud of the pieces they are investing in. Echoing the philosophy of the late iconic designer and eco-fashion pioneer Vivienne Westwood, famous for her wise words ‘Choose well. Make it Last’, we hope to do our bit to encourage a kinder fashion industry.  Finally, we support emerging young designers by involving them in our design development process, thus contributing to the development of their practices and local creative economy.


Finella Devitt founded the brand in 2018 alongside her arts consultancy business Iridescence, established in 2002. With a family background in fine art, craft and textiles including Irish linen damask, Finella developed a love of quality and a desire to showcase the high level of design, creativity and craftsmanship that the UK is famous for.

Press & Media

For press and media enquiries and copies of press releases and images of the Firehorse collection, email

For press and media enquiries and copies of press releases and images of the Firehorse collection, email